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We at Firefly Preschool are thrilled to support and assist you with your child’s early learning development! Ages 3 and 4 is an incredibly important time to help children explore their environment, discover their talents, and develop the skills needed to transition to Kindergarten. Our fun, creative, and age-appropriate program encourages your child to learn practical life skills and values through a thematic-based curriculum, which uses multiple Learning Centers during every single classroom session.

Monthly Themes

Every month children experience different classroom themes, such as Fall Harvest, Galaxy Explorers, and Aloha Hawaii. Their imaginations soar with the changing classroom decorations and imaginative play stations!

Sensory Learning 

Each classroom is filled with opportunities! From finger painting, to playdough, to a changing sensory bin, there is never a dull moment. Your child is engaged and learning through play every single day.

Age-Level Learning

Our curriculum is tailored to your 3- and 4-year-old little ones, so every lesson offers engagement and fun!

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We believe that children learn best through constructive play, and we foster learning by providing a richly interesting and stimulating environment where your child can discover, explore, and create according to their interests. Through this constructive play, children are able to establish positive self-esteem, and a sense of accomplishment and belonging within themselves. We allow plenty of time for your child to interact with their environment and encourage them to form friendships along with having fun along the way!

Your child’s real-life Firefly Preschool classroom experience, combined with creative constructive play, plus a positive learning environment, will help encourage your child’s interests and strengthen their confidence through a lifetime journey of learning.


"My son attended Firefly at the age of 3-4 years and he LOVED it. Now he is 13 and still remembers the wonderful memories he had back then. We loved the structure, unique learning opportunities, family engagement and experiences they provide. Now that my daughter is 3, we are back because we couldn't imagine her anywhere else.

Joyful teachers are so amazing, always happy to see our kids every morning, and treat our little one and us like family. She looks forward to going to preschool each day, and I think that says it all!"


Our monthly theme-based curriculum allows your child an opportunity to explore in a developmentally appropriate environment. They will experience large and small group situations along with individual assistance while exploring our Learning Centers. Your little one will start to discover, explore, and grow while learning through play!

During each classroom session, your child will participate in Carpet Time, Learning Centers, Free Choice Activities, and a mid-morning Snack Time. Socialization is always encouraged throughout the activities as a highly important part of our preschool classroom experience.

Communication with each child’s grown-up is extremely important to us! A Daily Lesson Plan is posted outside the classroom door for your review. We provide a monthly newsletter that contains information about what the children will be learning the following month! This helps provide consistency and communication both in and outside of the classroom.

Caroli Kaquatosh

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