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At Firefly Preschool, we simply put your child first.

We want the best for your child and to make their first learning experience fun and positive. Providing your child with a warm, nurturing, creative, fun, and flexible environment helps give them a great sense of security and tons of excitement to learn!

Our teachers are experienced, warm and caring, and meet state requirements in early childhood education. Professional training and continuing education in early childhood development are fulfilled by our staff on a yearly basis.


Cindy Bartol

Cindy Bartol has served as the Firefly Preschool Director since 2020. Prior to becoming the Director, she served as the Assistant/Co-Teacher at Firefly Preschool for 8 years. She has been involved in the program on a volunteer basis for over 20 years. She and her husband, Larry, have two daughters - Sara (young adult) and Sophie (North High).

Carrie Haskins

Carrie and her husband, Scott, have three children: Mason, Nolan and Holly. Carrie has a Masters in Counseling and has worked with young parents in assisting with childhood development skills. Carrie has served as Assistant Teacher in 2022-2023. She works with Cindy Bartol in developing lesson plans and offering new creative programs.

PXL_20230102_152411887 (1).jpg

Numbers and letters are well covered but Firefly Preschool provides so much more than that: science centers, emotional intelligence, cultures and holidays, and the list goes on and on. I was so pleased with the experience that it was an easy decision to send my second child here as well. Firefly was a wonderful way for my kids to start their school journey.  

Mission Statement

We are a child centered preschool that fosters the unique and wonderful light inside each child so that they may shine brightly and share their light with the world. At Firefly Preschool, we welcome and affirm all children and families. We care for the environment, nurture our relationships with others, and grow our brains, bodies, hearts and spirits.

Sarah Goeckermann

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