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Our Approach to Learning

At Firefly Preschool, we believe that children learn best when they are offered an environment with unhurried time to explore and discover. When teachers intentionally present children with opportunities to drive their learning and tools to enhance their skill development, children are able to connect with each other and the community around them. Our mission is to create experiences that are sensory rich and cognitively engaging and that empower children for a lifetime of learning.

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A Note on Belonging

Secure relationships and experiencing belonging are essential to children's ability to learn, connect with others and make meaning of the world. As early childhood educators, our team values establishing trusting and respectful relationships with the children and their families. When children feel secure in their relationships, they are able to experience wonder, be curious and playful, develop resiliency, and engage thoughtfully.


We serve the children and families in our program & foster an attitude of service for them to carry with them into the community.


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Our goal is to make children’s first experience in school safe and nurturing.

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We care for each other inside outside our classroom.


We will continue to grow and learn as early childhood educators to incorporate the best practices for teaching children.


All children and families are welcome and cherished at Firefly.


We foster the joy of being a child.


We believe in modeling love and justice inside and outside our walls.


We believe in caring for the environment and all living things.


“Firefly Preschool was, without a doubt, the best choice I could have made for my children's first school experience. All three of my kids are Firefly graduates; the learning and growth (socially, emotionally, and academically) each of them made during their time at Firefly was incredible.”

Brittany Witkowski


We are an outreach ministry of First Congregational Church-UCC; however, our classroom is non-religious. We are welcoming to all children who have a desire to learn and play! Our classrooms are most easily accessed via the northwest doors off FCC’s main parking lot. Our two spacious classrooms (room numbers 4 and 5) are adjoined with a child-friendly restroom. Displays of art work and other announcements can be seen in the hallway. We are ready and waiting to welcome your little one into our space!

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