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Firefly's Children's Library

This Spring, a committee of passionate readers came together in partnership with Mead Public Library, to create a preschool book wish list for our school. Our goal was to infuse our program with literature and stories that speak to the experiences of the children in our program, reflect each of them as individuals, represented their unique families, and build empathy and acceptance for all. With the generosity from the members of First Congregational Church, we now have over 40 beautiful books to add to our collection.

Many libraries and schools around our country are facing pressure to limit the books they offer to their students and families. According to the article, Building a Diverse and Inclusive Library for Preschool Settings published by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children):

"Every child possesses a unique identity, and choosing books that reflect this is vital. Children can explore aspects of their identiies through books that highlight personal experiences, celebrate individuality, and embrace different social identities, including those related to race, gender, culture, abilities, family structure, and more. Through these kinds of texts children can develop a sense of self-efficacy, pride in who they are, a sense of belonging, and acceptance of others."

At Firefly Preschool, we believe it is our responsiblity to acknowledge, celebrate, honor, and learn about all of the ways our students and families are unique and special. We want all of our students to feel loved and that they belong because of who they are. We encourage you to come in an take a look at our Children's Library, visit Mead Public Library in Sheboygan, or check out the other amazing programs in our community that are prioritizing representation in children's literature. We are grateful to be part of this community of mindful readers and educators.

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