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September at Firefly

September sure flew by at Firefly Preschool at FCC. We have loved playing outside in the beautiful weather and becoming curious about the world around us. In between running, sliding, climbing, digging and rolling, we have discovered spiders, bees, butterflies, worms and beetles. These discoveries have led to important conversations on respecting all living things and how we shouldn't be scared but curious about the work these bugs and insects do in our world.

In the Red Classroom, the children have been using tweezers to put beads in letters. Building their fine motor muscles will help them when they start writing. They have also been playing with magnatiles, making apple sun catchers, building puzzles and forming darling relationships with their friends.

In the Purple classroom the students have been using different textures and materials to make patterns and shapes. We read the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? to introduce colors, animals and retelling. For Friday music time, the kids have had a blast singing Ram Sam Sam with shakers and other instruments.

We look forward to an exciting October!

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